Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More, More, More

Book blogs, I've got a few.

I review new books that I like at Sweetmama.ca on a blog called Shelf Candy.

I review chapter books for kids and teens at Kittenpie Reads Kidlit.

I create short lists of books, usually on a theme, at Pick of the Litter, occasionally.

But I wanted a spot for those individual picture books I find that I love and want to share - but aren't new. So here, a junior version of my own book blog, a spot to find recommendations of things that aren't necessarily new or hot, but are interesting, fun, important, or somehow, a little special.

Because they aren't all new, there may be on occasion a book that I talk about that is out of print. I will let you know when that is the case, otherwise I will provide a link to Amazon, in case you'd like to have the book I'm sharing. For out of print books, do try your luck on Amazon, though - I have found some great things through their marketplace, and the prizes are often very good. Otherwise, you might also try Powells or abebooks, both good online sellers of used and rare books.

Posting may be sporadic as I get in the habit of writing up books here, and reviews will be informal, but I hate not telling people about a book I love, so drop by now and then, and see what I've been reading!

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